Live concerts
These CD’s are live concerts, from the No Fences tour through all three of Garth’s Coast to Coast (to coast) tv specials. Most shows were fan recorded, with a few being soundboard quality.

  • 1993- Ottawa, Canada (2 CD’s)
    1994- Dortmund, Germany (2 CD’s)
    1995- Hamburg, Germany
    1996- Dallas, TX (This is Garth Brooks Too! taping)
    1997- Garth Brooks: Live from Central Park (2 CD’s)
    1997- Pittsburgh, PA (2 CD’s)
    1997- Pittsburgh, PA (3 CD’s- Same show, Better Copy)
    1998- Winston Salem, North Carolina (2 CD’s)
    1998- Fargo, North Dakota (2 CD’s)
    09-11-1998- Philadelphia, PA
    09-13-1998- Philadelphia, PA (2 CD’s)
    1999- Garth Brooks “Friends in Live Places” ( WAL*MART broadcast)
    2001- Garth Brooks: Coast to Coast- Live from the LA Forum
    2001- Garth Brooks: Coast to Coast- Live from Norfolk, Virginia
    2001- Garth Brooks: Coast to Coast to Coast- Live from South Padre Island, TX

Television tapings
These CD’s are audio of television shows, specials, appearances, etc. that Garth has either performed on or has been featured on

  • 1990- Austin City Limits (7 songs)
    1990- Austin City Limits (another copy)
    1992- Garth Brooks: Rodeo- From Reunion Arena in Dallas, TX
    1992- Garth Brooks Rodeo (from Dallas- BETTER COPY)
    1998- Garth Brooks: Ireland and Back (2 CD’s)
    1998- Garth Brooks: VH-1 Storytellers
    1999- Austin City Limits 2 (w/ Chris Gaines songs)
    1999- Chris Gaines: Live on NBC

Compilation CD’s
These CD’s are compilations of Garth tunes- they offer live performances, acoustic performances, rare performances, and collectors’ performances

  • 1998- Garth Brooks “Kickin and Screamin”
    1998- Garth Brooks “The Limited Series (the 6 unreleased songs)
    1999- Garth Brooks “Unplugged” performances
    1999- Garth Brooks “Rare on Air” performances
    1999- Garth Brooks “TV Appearances”
    1999- Chris Gaines Doesn’t Wear Hats, Live in Austin (Austin City Limits 2nd app.)
    2002- Garth Brooks “Encore” songs
    2002- Garth Brooks “Unanswered Prayers” (2 CD’s)
    2002- Garth Brooks “American Pie” (2 CD’s)
    2002- Garth Brooks “Various Garth”
    2002- Garth Brooks “Collector’s companion” from Spain

The Hungry Years
Recorded in 1986, in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Garth was (as the story goes) raising support for his trip to Nashville. To help raise money, he recorded a collection of mostly cover tunes (2 were originals) and sold them. There are several copies of this collection circulating- some have 18 songs, some have 23 songs with the last 5 songs having really bad audio. There are even collections with 24 or 25 songs. The complete collection has 29 songs on it, and its’ song list can be found here. The 2002 complete version’s songs are all in good quality. This is the most complete collection (the 29 song version) that I have seen.

  • 1986- The Hungry Years (18 song version)
    1986- The Hungry Years (23 song version)
    1986- The Hungry Years Too! (24 songs)
    1986- Ropin’ Stardom (AKA The Hungry Years w/ Clem’s set, 24 songs total)
    2002- The Complete Hungry Years (all 29 songs, in good quality)

Interview/Spoken Word CD’s
These CD’s are audio interviews, etc. that Garth has done

Maximum Garth
The Garth Brooks Story (3 CD’s)

Radio Shows
These CD’s are radio shows that Garth has done for album promotion, tour promotion, documentaries, etc.

  • Behind the Music (from the BBC, not VH1)
    06-10-05- Garth Speaks! (from 3C radio)
    2007- Jen’s Time Machine 45th Birthday Garth special (3 CD’s)

Catalog CD’s
These CD’s are the official Garth Brooks “catalog” of music, released by Capitol, Liberty, and Capitol-Nashville records. This is the commercially available discography of Garth.

  • Garth Brooks
    No Fences
    Ropin The Wind
    The Chase
    Beyond the Season
    In Pieces
    The Collection (Mc Donald’s)
    The Hits
    Fresh Horses
    Double Live
    In the Life of Chris Gaines
    The Magic of Christmas
    Limited Series (6 CD boxed set)
    The Limited Series (released exclusively through Wal*mart – 5 CD/1DVD set)
    The Lost Sessions (expanded to 17 songs)
    Garth Brooks: The Ultimate Hits
    Blame It All On My Roots
    Man Against Machine

These CD’s are single songs in some cases, multiple songs in others, but are not full length recordings. The singles may be imports, promotional CD’s, or regularly issued CD singles

Tribute CD’s
These CD’s are not actually of Garth Brooks singing, but are tributes to him done by verious songwriters, artists or groups.


  • 1992- The Thunder Rolls and Friends in Low Places (45 rpm) (**Live versions as recorded in “This is Garth Brooks”**)