VHS Tapes

Garth Brooks Tape 1

11-02-91- Empty Nest Episode “Country Weston”
Garth Brooks Video Collection #1
10-02-91- Awards show performance of Shameless
01-17-92- This is Garth Brooks (concert from Dallas)
09-14-91- Garth Brooks VH1 to 1
01-31-93- Garth- National Anthem at the Super Bowl
01-31-93- World Premiere of We Shall Be Free video
03-14-92- Garth Brooks on SNL (1st appearance)
07-24-93- Grand Ol Opry- The River/Much Too Young/The Dance
11-1992- Garth performing Night Rider’s Lament on Top Country Hits
03-29-93- Barbara Walters Interview

Garth Brooks Tape 2

02-1990- Garth on Austin City Limits
Regis and Kathy Lee (at Christmas)
01-04-94- Jay Leno- Sonograms of two kids, singing Standing outside the fire
7-13-94- Big picture of the girls, singing Hard Luck Woman w/ KISS/ Face to Face
5-10-94- This is Garth Brooks Too (Another Concert from Dallas)
5-10-94- Garth on Music City Tonight- Singing “The Cowboy Song”/ talking
5-10-94- Garth on Music City Tonight- Cal Smith/ If Tomorrow Never Comes/ Red Strokes Video
(Bad Audio)
11-20-95- Jay Leno- Singing The Fever and The Beaches of Cheyenne
Garth on TNN country News
11-22-95- Garth on the Today show- sings The Beaches of Cheyenne (or She’s every woman)
11-23-95- Garth on NFL Sunday show (singing the Fever)
12-06-95- Garth interview on Larry King Live
12-13-95- Garth Brooks : Trying to Rope the World (tv special)
12-16-95- Garth Brooks- Grand ol opry (Beaches of Cheyenne/ Much too young)
04-1996- Entertainment Tonight (The Change- video)
03-15-96- Garth Brooks on Muppet tonight
06-21-96- Jay Leno- Singing It’s Midnight Cinderella
11-21-96- Late night w/ Conan O Brien

Garth Brooks Tape 3

Garth Brooks Video collection #2
06-28-97- Grand Ol Opry
08-06-97- Late Night w/ Conan O Brien (about Central Park)
09-11-97- Jay Leno- In Anothers’ Eyes (w/ Trisha)/”Walkaway Joe”
11-21-97- Jay Leno- Longneck bottle/ She’s gonna make it
The Fever- performance at awards show w/ Chris Ledoux and Charlie Daniels
11-24-97- CNN showbiz today
11-21-97- Kmart 7’s commercial
11-25-97- Good Morning America- Performs You Move Me/ Cowboy Cadillac
11-25-97- Late Night w/ Conan O Brien- Do what ya gotta do (W/ New Grass Revival)
12-08-97- Presentation at Billboard Music awards by Trisha Yearwood
12-24-97- The View (She’s gonna Make it/A Friend to Me)
CBS awards show (the ACM’s?)- performance w/ Steve Wariner
03-03-98- Jay Leno- Two Piña Coladas/ To Make You Feel My Love
03-04-97- Today Show before Ireland and Back and after SNL performance/hosting
02-28-98- SNL- Musical performance and hosting
03-04-98- Ireland & Back TV special
11-16-98- Tonight Show with Jay Leno- Singing Calling Baton Rouge, talking about Double live,
sings The River

Garth Brooks Tape 4

11-18-98- Garth Brooks: Double Live concert special (Mountain Time zone….)
02-23-99- Donny and Marie- 1st appearance, w/ Trisha
11-25-98- CBS This morning- at the time of the release of Double Live
12-04-98- Late Late Show w/ Tom Snyder
12-08-98- Billboard Music awards- Aint Goin Down (intro song)
12-08-98- Billboard Music awards- Gets award from Stone Cold Steve Austin
12-07-98- Rosie O’Donnel- sings The River and We Shall Be Free
TNN country news show- part of interview where Garth’s wearing a Nashville Predators jersey
12-22-98- The View- sings snippets of several songs
11-25-98- CBS This morning- sings belleau Wood
11-18-98- Garth Brooks: Double Live concert special (Eastern/Central Time zone)
11-18-98- Garth Brooks: Double Live concert special (Pacific Time zone)

Garth Brooks Tape 5

01-29-96- AMA awards- The Change
01-29-96- AMA awards- refusal of award
01-28-93- Jay Leno- Learning to live again
01-04-94- Jay Leno- Standing outside the fire *(REPEAT)*
07-13-94- Jay Leno-Face to Face *(REPEAT)*
12-03-94- Grand Ol Opry- Unanswered Prayers/10 million for RTW/The River/If Tomorrow Never Comes
TNN- Ain’t going Down video (concert footage)
TNN- The River video (concert footage)
05-10-95- ACM awards- “hits” medley (Unwound/Mama Tried/Whispering Pines/Big Star/White Lightning)
Regis/Kathy Lee- Singing “Much Too Young”
11-20-95- Martina McBride Special
12-16-95- Grand Ol Opry- Beaches of Cheyenne/Much Too Young *(REPEAT)*
12-16-95- Grand Ol Opry- Xmas show (The Little Drummer Boy)
TNN- Standing outside the Fire Video
08-22-93- Jay Leno- Ain’t going down
08-22-93- Jay Leno- Talking w/ Jay
08-22-93- Jay Leno- One night a day
01-31-93- National Anthem at Super Bowl *(REPEAT)*
Jay Leno *(REPEAT)*
TNN- Callin Baton Rouge Video (concert footage)
McDonalds- Garth Brooks collection commercial

Garth Brooks Tape 6
01-28-94- David Frost interview
Joan Rivers Interview
05-10-94- Music City Tonight (Cal Smith) *(REPEAT)*

Garth Brooks Tape 7
08-07-97- Central Park concert (Including Much Too Young/If Tomorrow Never Comes/ You may be Right (w/ Billy Joel) )

Garth Brooks Tape 8
10-1989- Garth Brooks on Hee Haw
05-12-94- Mad about you cameo
06-1995- Live with Regis and Kathy Lee
12-06-1995- Larry King Live
12-06-1995- Christmas special w/ Kenny Rogers

Garth Brooks Tape 9
It’s a wonderful life movie w/ clips, rememberances, etc. by Garth
12-29-92- American Music Awards- Sings The River
09-22-92- Jay Leno- We Shall Be Free/ The Thunder Rolls
10-19-92- Crook & Chase interview about the Chase/ Beyond the Season, etc.. (at Christmas time.)
09-22-92- Dateline NBC- “World According to Garth”
10-01-92- Crook & Chase- Interview around the time of Beyond The Season/The Chase (Sandy is present in the interview)
01-28-94- David Frost Interview
11-04-91- John Tesh interview w/ Garth (One on One w/ John Tesh)
10-02-91- CMA Awards show- Sings Shameless
10-02-91- CMA Awards show- AcceptingSingle of the year award for Friends in Low Places
10-26-91- Interview with Lorriane Crook (Interview w/ Garth & Sandy/ Lorriane tours Garth’s house)
12-06-95- Kenny Rogers Xmas special (*repeat*)
08-22-93- Jay Leno- Performs Ain’t Going Down Till the sun comes up
TNN Country news- about This is Garth Brooks Too/ trip to Ireland (first one)
Advertisement for This is Garth Brooks Too
05-10-94- Music City tonight (performing “The Cowboy Song” (I think performing it only) )
Jay Leno- performing The River/ Go Tell it on the Mountain
06-06-94- VH1 honors- Performing Calling Baton Rouge (w/ New Grass Revival I believe)
06-06-94- Gets award from James Taylor
06-06-94- James Taylor/Garth Brooks- performing Sweet Baby James
12-15-96- VH1 Storytellers (w/o Belleau Wood)
01-18-95- Garth Brooks- The Hits (live from Texas Stadium)
“Home Team” interview w/ Terry Bradshaw
07-31-97- Crook & Chase (Today’s country?) pre central park
08-04-97- Garth Brooks Town Hall- Live (from VH1?)
Blockbuster Entertainment Awards- Receiving Artist of the 90’s award

Garth Brooks Tape 11
12-17-97- CMT Canada Sevens Live- includes footage of touring and Vancouver performance

Garth Brooks Tape 12
02-09-98- Oprah Winfrey appearance
03-03-98- 2nd Oprah Winfrey appearance
12-15-96- VH1 Storytellers (w/ Belleau Wood)
03-03-98- Jay Leno- Cameo appearance before Ireland & Back
03-04-98- Today Show- Post SNL , Pre Ireland & Back (Performs She’s gonna Make it) (*repeat*)
05-12-94- Mad About You Cameo(*repeat*)
03-05-98- Time & Again- MSNBC

Garth Brooks Tape 13
Wal-Mart Concert as guest of Trisha Yearwood
Home Team interview with Terry Bradshaw and Trisha Yearwood
05-22-97- The Tonight Show with Jay Leno- Singing That Ol’ Wind
11-24-97- Today’s Country- Video shoot for I Don’t Have To Wonder
CBS This Morning- Right Before Sevens release
11-19-97- Grand Ol Opry 65th Anniversary

Garth Brooks Tape 14
04-01-98- Rosie Interview, performs Two Piña Coladas
1997- Interview w/ Crook and Chase re:Fan Fair
Interview on E! re: country soundtracks, featuring Hope Floats
This Week in Country Music?- Talking about Grand Ol Opry
12-08-97- Billboard Music Awards- Performs ‘Fever’
TNN- Class of ’89 (note- This recording only has Garth’s parts.)

Garth Brooks Tape 15
07-30-98- TNN Today’s Country- Hope floats soundtrack/Tanya Tucker suing Capitol
07-29-98- TNN Prime Time Country- Trisha Yearwood (surprised by Garth)
08-29-98- VH1- Before They were rock stars III (Santa Fe and AM Oklahoma)
TNN Today’s Country- Garth Brooks in Brazil
04-22-98- ACM Awards- Award for Special achievment (presented by Trisha Yearwood)
04-22-98- ACM Awards- award presentation to Charlie Daniels
TNN Today’s Country- Story about Dreamin Out Loud book
TNN Today’s Country- Hope Floats soundtrack/4,000,000 tickets sold
CMT Delivery Room- One Heart at a Time (Garth and other artists supporting Cystic Fibrosis
CMT Delivery Room- To Make You Feel My Love video premiere
Awards show performance, medley of hits
12/03/97- Live With Regis & Kathy Lee
01-11-98- People’s Choice Awards- Garth performs and accepts award
E! interview with Garth (*w/ voice of Robin Leach)
7’s commercial
03-09-98- TNN/Music City News Awards- shows 1991 performance of The Thunder Rolls

Garth Brooks Tape 16
1990- Garth singing songs from his debut album.
05-20-90- Nashville Now with Ralph Emery (right before release of No Fences)
1990/1991- Garth on Crook and Chase before his 5 CMA nominations
Garth on Crook and Chase before the release of Friends in Low Places
Garth on Nashville Now, interview with Garth and Stillwater before opry induction
10-06-90- Garth’s Grand Ole Opry induction
10-08-90- CMA Awards- accepting first award
Post CMA Award show with Lorriane Crook and another person- Garth signing new long term deal, etc…
1990/1991- Church Street Station- Garth Brooks
1991- Nashville Now with Ralph Emery performing Two of a Kind, if tomorrow never comes, The Thunder Rolls
Nashville now with Ralph Emery Answers questions (before his children and before Two of a kind)
Performing Friends in Low Places for some event (with dancers, etc)
TNN Crook and Chase- Garth flying home to Yukon, Oklahoma
10-26-91- Grand Ol Opry- performing Two of a Kind (working on a full house),

Garth Brooks Tape 17
04-29-91- ACM Awards- Awarded top video for The Dance/Single record of the year for FILP/song of the year for The Dance/Album of the year for No Fences/Male Vocalist of the Year/Entertainer of the Year
10-02-91- Award Show performance of Shameless (same as from Garth Brooks tape 1) (*REPEAT*)
09-14-91- VH1 to 1
E! (extreme closeup) interview with Garth Brooks
05-11-95- The Tonight Show with Jay Leno- sings The River/talking to Jay/sings If Tomorrow never comes
10-25-91- Disney’s 20th Anniversary- Sings Against the Grain & Rodeo
TNN- Interview with Katie Haas
10-26-91- Grand ol Opry- sings Two of a Kind workin on a full house/What She’s Doing Now/
11-04-91- One on One with John Tesh
11-1991- Crook and Chase talking to Colleen Brooks
Crook and Chase talking to Garth about his Grammy award
1992- Crook and Chase talking to Garth before concert in Denver (at start of RTW tour.)
10-01-92- Crook and Chase talking to Garth about Beyond the Season/The Chase/the CMA awards (garth was Entertainer of the Year)/Sandy visits
Garth singing Whatcha gonna do with a Cowboy with Chris LeDoux

Garth Tape 18
1998- Garth Brooks concert from Winston Salem, NC.

Garth Tape 19
1996- Garth Brooks concert from Atlanta, GA.

Garth Tape 20
1991- Garth Brooks concert from Charlotte, NC

Garth Tape 21
1998- Garth Brooks concert from Winston Salem, NC.
1992- Garth Brooks concert from Philadelphia, PA

Garth Tape 22
Garth Brooks: His life from Tulsa to the Top (unauthorized documentary)

Garth Tape 23
11-17-98- Garth Brooks: Concert on Wal*Mart Closed circuit broadcast (shaky video- Good audio)

Garth Tape 24
11-24-99- Behind the Life of Chris Gaines- VH1
09-27-99- Jay Leno- Discussing Chris Gaines
09-28-99- Rosie O’ Donnel- Discussing Chris Gaines
Access Hollywood- talking about his mom
09-28-99- Conan O’Brien- Discussing Chris Gaines
09-29-99- Later Today – Discussing Chris Gaines
CNN Showbiz Today- Chris Gaines coverage
Old Jay Leno show (unknown performance)
Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Garth Brooks Tape 25
10-18-99- Donny and Marie- Discussing Chris Gaines
10-22-99- Good Morning America- Discussing Chris Gaines
10-22-99- Right Now music video
10-22-99- Lost in You music video
10-23-99- VH1 Concert of the Century
10-28-99- WB music awards
10-29-99- GQ awards
12-02-99- SI awards
12-11-99- Opry Backstage
11-13-99- Rock of Ages (unknown show, Garth is appearing on it though)
08-01-98- MTV Celebrity Death match(Garth vs. Marilyn Manson- Garth loses)
To Make You Feel My Love music video
12-15-99- Crook and Chase (discussing retirement)

Garth Brooks Tape 26
11-24-99- Behind the Life of Chris Gaines
11-22-99- The Tonight Show- Performs Baby Jesus is Born

Garth Brooks Tape 27
1991- The Garth Brooks Video Collection I

Garth Brooks Tape 28
03-15-94- One on One w/ Magic Johnson
06-06-94- VH1 Honors show
Austin Encore
01-29-96- American Music Awards- performs The Change
11-22-96- Fox after Breakfast
11-29-99- Rosie O’ Donnell
03-26-00- Academy Awards performance
03-28-00- Queen Latifah appearance
05-12-94- Mad About You Cameo
E! Weekend news
(Unknown TV show appearance)
11-22-99- The Tonight Show- Performs Baby Jesus is Born

Garth Brooks Tape 29
1996- Garth Brooks: Video Collection II

Garth Brooks Tape 30
11-14-01- Garth Brooks: Coast to Coast (to Coast) from the Los Angeles Forum
11-21-01- Garth Brooks: Coast to Coast (to Coast) from the deck of the USS Enterprise
11-28-01- Garth Brooks: Coast to Coast (to Coast) from South Padre Island, Texas

Garth Brooks Tape 31

Hollywood Squares

11-15-99- Monday
11-16-99- Tuesday
11-17-99- Wednesday
11-18-99- Thursday
11-19-99- Friday

Garth Brooks Tape 32

Hollywood Squares
02-15-99- Monday
02-16-99- Tuesday
02-17-99- Wednesday
02-18-99- Thursday
02-19-99- Friday

Garth Brooks tape 33
12-14-01- The View
11-09-01- Wrapped up in You video premiere
11-16-01- Good Morning America
11-21-01- The CBS Early Show
11-30-01- The NASCAR Awards show

Garth Brooks tape 34
12-02-01- TNT “Call Me Claus”
12-14-01- The View (only Garth’s part)
11-12-01- The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
11-16-01- Good Morning America (only Garth’s part)