Cassette Tapes

These are live concerts, from the No Fences tour, Ropin the Wind tour, World Tour I, World Tour II, and the “Backyard Concert”, (which was given as the grand prize in a TargetTM sponsored contest). Most of these were fan recorded, with a few being soundboard quality.

1990- Pennsylvania

1991- Ocean City, Maryland

1992- Reunion Arena (Dallas, TX)
1992- E. Rutherford, New Jersey
1992- Toronto, Canada
1993- Ottawa, Canada
1994- Dortmund, Germany
1995- Hamburg, Germany (Garth’s only live performance in 1995)
1996- Kansas, City Missouri
1996- St. John, New Brunswick, Canada (9/9)
1996- Ames, Iowa
1996- St. Johns, New Brunswick Canada
1997- Lincoln, Nebraska (9/24)
1997- Lincoln, Nebraska (9/25)
1997- Lincoln, Nebraska (9/26)
1997- Central Park (New York)
1997- Chicago, Illinois
1997- Chicago, Illinois (10/26)
1997- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
1997- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (same show as above, but better quality)
1998- Tampa, Florida
1998- Winston Salem, North Carolina
1998- Fargo, North Dakota
1999- Mobile, Alabama- “The Backyard concert” (awarded as the grand prize in a Target contest)

The Hungry Years
Recorded in 1986, in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Garth was (as the story goes) raising support for his trip to Nashville. To help raise money, he recorded a collection of mostly cover tunes (2 were originals) and sold them. There are several copies of this collection circulating- some have 18 songs, some have 23 songs withthe last 5 songs having really bad audio. There are even collections with 24 or 25 songs.

  • 1986- Garth Brooks: The Hungry Years- 18 song version
    1986- Garth Brooks: The Hungry Years- 23 song version
    1998/1999- Garth Brooks: The Hungry Years: Remastered (24 songs, in good quality-
    aka Ropin Stardom )

Radio Shows
These are radio shows that Garth has done for album promotion, etc.

  • 199?- The many faces of Garth Brooks- FM radio show broadcast on Westwood one Entertainment network
    1995- Fresh Horses Radio premiere
    1997- Box Lunch special (box set preview)
    1997- Sevens preview (Garth Brooks & Friends)
    1998- After Midnite special (Double Live special)
    1998- Garth Brooks Double Live radio liners
    2001- Garth’s “Scarecrow” radio show (The p.m. Drivetime show)

Interviews/Press conferences
These are mainly press conferences Garth gave while overseas promoting his world tours. The interview on 98.5 FM KYGO is with Jenny Smedley, (she was interviewed by my hometown radio station) who believes that she was married to Garth Brooks in a former life.

  •  1994/1995- Garth Brooks Interviews in Ireland (Dublin & Belfast)
  • 1997- Garth Brooks Interviews in Ireland
    2000- Jenny Smedley Interview with KYGO 98.5 FM in Denver

Television specials (tapings)
These cassettes are tapings of TV specials, or concerts that Garth gave for promotional reasons

  • 1998- NBC Studios, Burbank CA (Double Live show) 1998- WAL*MART Closed Circuit TV concert